Intimate Story of Scarlet Ravin, Naked Starseed

​My whole life I have always known there was more then what I was seeing.  My intense sensitivities were more of a burden then a gift in the beginning part of my life, but as I grew I began to see what my heart had sensed since the start.


Struggle, abuse, pain, suffering and near-death experiences are my dear friends.  They have walked me into the depth of my deepest self and shown me I had nothing to fear, ever.  This ultimately rigorous medicine path of a child hood leads me to an adult hood which revolved around seeking.  I needed answers.  If I was to survive the pain I survived, then there had to be a higher reason and I was going to find that essence or die trying.


My life became this quest, which led me to many Guru’s, teachers, lineages of medicine, healings, healers, certifications in alternative medicine’s, medicine shamans, unseen angelic guides along with the whispers from nature and God herself.  I gathered much medicine, I alchemized my pain back to the light and I broke the laws of what people thought was while creating a new world of starseed magnificence.


I am an unstoppable force of awakening, I teach those that feel called to work with me how to reclaim their freedom of self, how-to walk-in Divinity again.  How to unplug from the false matrix that has strangled many of us into worshipping false Gods and idols rather than worshipping ourselves, which is where the intergalactic magic begins.


Does this ever stop me or slow me down?  It never does.  Each challenge feeds me to grow stronger, more feverish to get this message of freedom out to a wider audience, to show them HOW to live free.


Yes, I sell medicinal products with the Brand White Fox that I created, but I am also a revolutionary.  I walk my talk and I show my clients and everyone around me how to create whatever you want with the canvas this world gives you.


2020, 2021 has put an end to the bulk of the matrix control.  Everything people counted on and lived inside of is now shattered and many people are left jobless, in a very unhealthy romantic relationship and completely empty on the inside.  They don’t’ know how to grab life by the horns, glow from the inside out and create their wildest dreams here on earth!  They forgotten just as I had when I was wild with pain and trauma!


I have walked through the deepest of darkest tunnels and I can tell you without one ounce of doubt, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.  That’s certain.


I can show you how….


Naked Starseed will be the Divine Lifestyle Brand of White Fox Medicine, my alchemy company.   I will show people via videos, retreats, one on one client relationships, channeled Q and A’s and other avenues how to step through any challenge and come out stronger.  How to see through the matrix of this world and create the life you truly want, because that is exactly what I am doing RIGHT NOW and I am going to film all of it for you.  Real life.  Real Story.  I Real Time.


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