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Hosted by White Fox Medicine™

The foundation for this Naked Starseed’s Great Awakening came through her medicinal relationship with plant medicine of all kinds.  Her deep love for how this medicine could vibrationally upgrade and heal her was remarkable so Scarlet left chemical medicine and began to create the highest vibrational plant and fungi’s medicine to create a cocoon of evolution around herself while she expanded her awareness.


White Fox Medicine™ was born and through Scarlet’s spiritual insight. Scarlet channeled formulas from other star nations beyond our planet to guide her back to her full remembrance.  Each formula was shown to her specifically by Star relatives from where she came and she began to create the highest vibrational upgrading medicine incorporating CBD and Cannabis.  Recently expanding into Psilocybin with a channeled book from the Spirit of Psilocybin.


White Fox has a completely expanded line of herbal and CBD with herbal alchemy products ranging from Tinctures, Massage oils, Salves, Body Scrubs and Sensual Enhancing Medicinal Rubs.  The Cannabis side of White Fox has 2,000-year-old Ancient Ayruvedic Herbal Alchemy that Scarlet then blends with Cannabis oil for very specific effects.   The Psilocybin part of White Fox has a Micro Dose capsule that will increase your Brain’s Neuro network pathways and heal the body mind and soul as well as a stronger deeper dive Euphoric Medicinal Chocolate for those longer, deeper journeys.


In this unique platform you’ll get to experience what it’s like to live fully incorporated with these medicines, how Scarlet makes and channels them along with how-to live-in harmony with the heartbeat of nature around you.  Enjoy the Multi-Dimensional Medicine!